Our Customers

Hi Dina,
I saw the article in Healing Our World.  I love love love your products!  I just tried the chocolate chip cookie and it is the BEST out there.  I don't think I reordered that item so will have to wait till my next order.
Sheila M.

Hi Dina,
We recently received your delicious Chunkie Dunkie treats and I just wanted to say thank you!!  I have three children who were asking for these everyday, and I had no guilt in giving them some because of how healthy and nutritious they are.  My favorite was the Mint Chocolate Chip energy cookie.  I loved having a few of the energy cookies on hand to be able to send with my daughter for her lengthy gymnastics workouts.  It was a great, quick, healthy, and energy boosting snack for her to eat on her break.  Plus, she loved that I allowed her to take a cookie for a snack, which never happens!  My youngest daughter (2) loved the brownies the most and I was not hesitant to let her enjoy them, which is not always the case with brownies.  Thank you again for sharing your delicious creations with us!!  We loved them!!
Kate M.

Hi again Dina and Brian!
Just wanted to tell you that I received the order on time and still have some left,lol....its only been a couple of hours! You were right, the brownies are delicious! as well as the cookies, haven't tried all of them yet! My husband even liked them and he usually wont try "good for you food" but the brownies, come on!!!!
Anyway, I went to my local Landis and they have everything! So I wont have to order from you. However, I'm going to be placing two seperate orders today from you. One going to my son, who is in his 3rd year of college and first year living alone in his own apartment. I'm going to send him some since it probably will be the most nutritious food he will have in months! LOL! And then, of course, some to my daughter in Scottsdale....;)
Thanks again! Glad I found you! Have a great day!!!!!!!
Kay M.

Dina & Brian,
I just wanted to thank you one more time for these AMAZING cookies, but also, the outstanding customer service in making sure I received them so quickly!
They were a hit on our trip to Boulder and are the perfect snack on a hike. I'm dangerously obsessed with the mint chocolate chip one!
If there is anything I can do to bring these to Austin, please let me know- I would love to help!
I'm trying to pace myself, but I'm sure I'll be ordering more very soon :)

Dear Dina and Chunkie Dunkie Family,
I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, my apologies for taking so long to finally sit down and do so. I want to thank you, Dina, from the bottom of my heart for quitting your job and making this dream of yours come true. A month after getting married, my 26 year old husband was diagnosed with cancer for a second time. After an extensive surgery and a month at Hippocrates, he committed to a lifestyle of living food and absolutely no sugar.

Despite our situation, we know how important it is to continue a normal life, and to go out and enjoy ourselves. Whether its a trip to Disney, or just down the street to the local movie theater, the first stop is to load up our stash of Chunkie Dunkies (lemon almond biscotti’s for him, mint chocolate chip for me). When you’ve had a particularly long day, not much beats opening the refrigerator to a happy little box of Dunkie’s chilling out inside. You have made satisfying, delightful snacking available to those who have little-to-no options in the quest to crave a midnight sweet tooth. And for this reason, I owe you a huge thank you.

I’ve learned now, more than ever, that its the little things. The smile I get when my husband sees me tuck a box into his bag in the morning says it all. It’s all that matters.
So thank you Dina, for doing what you do. We are forever fans.
Jessica and Thomas F.

I love your wonderful treats! Eat them everyday!!!
Rosina S.

Hi Dina. Just wanted to commend you on your fantastic Almond Lemon Cream biscottis. They are so scrumptious and amazing. I follow a raw, plant based diet, and these are so perfect when I get the urge to have sweets. Never seen such pure, wholesome, unadulterated ingredients. Can't find anything like this anywhere. Thanks for your delicious cookies. Keep making them.
Lois B.
Just wanted to tell you how awesome your products are! I haven't tried them all yet but have had a few that I picked up at fit body bistro and all I can do is praise how great they are! I am so happy to have found an alternative to the so called "healthy" name brand dessert companies out there! Will be ordering from your site soon! Thanks for making such an awesome product!
Dan P.

I had a sample at Tunies in Coral Springs, FL for the first time, last year. It was so good I dragged my teenagers to the store to have some and they flipped at how yummy they were. They are a treat that my kids always ask for when I go to Tunies.  I never thought that they would prefer raw, gluten free, vegan, healthy, anything.
Lucy I.

I took my four vegan boys to the Seed Festival in Miami last Saturday and we stopped at the Chunkie Dunkie table!  The gentleman was so nice letting the boys taste all the different types!  So yes we are definitely your new fans!
Thanks! Can't wait for our order to arrive!
Louise R.

Hi Dina: I actually had some of your wonderful cookies at a local restaurant.  I was hooked in one bite.  I am gluten free but also a cookie freak so going gf has been particularly difficult for me.  Your products are wonderful!!!  I ordered some extra because my neice is studying nutrition at Stanford University and thought she would enjoy them.  However, I think I'm going to have to order more since everything may be gone before her visit.  Thanks for having such great stuff!
Lori S.

Hi Dina, We know about your products from going to Nutrition S'mart in Palm Beach Gardens - we live in Florida 7 months of the year.  After a stay at Hippocrates we found we could have the "special" Hippocrates ones for our dessert (not allowed to have fruit  and/ or sweetener for a while) so we really look forward to them as our "treat".  They are delicious!!!  Thanks for making them!!!
Grace T.

Hi Dina,
I heard about you from my aunt and god daughters.  They've always shared their "favorite all natural healthy cookies " and every time I'm in Florida they have loads!  My aunt is the best and she sends me some in the mail!  So I had to get more .
Thanks again,
Stefanie - NY

Thank you for making such an amazing product!
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you because Chunkie Dunkies have been the best thing to happen to my taste buds in a long time! I am hypoglycemic and I can not eat sugar or refined carbs and finding your lemon cream sugar free cookies was a God sent! It has no effect on my blood sugars and has a good amount of fat, protein and low carb. Finally a desert I can truly enjoy! Please, don't ever stop making sugar free goodies! People like me can really appreciate them!
Iliana R.

I am primarily a raw foodie and it is difficult to find desserts that are not overly sweet and heavily weighted with dates.  While shopping in Whole Foods in Orlando, I found Chunkie Dunkies -- wow!  These desserts are perfect!!  They are just the right size to satisfy that "sweet tooth" - and yet not too sweet.  I keep mine in the freezer and just sit one out each day.  Thanks so much for making such a quality product!  
Steve - Sarasota, FL

Hey Dina we got the chunkie dunkies yesterday just in time for valentines day !! they're great and our favorites are the choc chip and ESPECIALLY the fudge brownie !!! that's awesome ! its better then a regular brownie (and of course not as bad for you) its not as sickly sweet as a regular brownie(I don't eat them anyway) but its great and I love the walnuts. we have something that's almost comparible at our whole foods store they call energy chunks which have dates, chia seeds, cacao etc... but they're not nearly as good as these. thank you again and were glad that there are some people out there like you who are providing healthy foods for healthy foodies like us !!!!!!!
Bill F.

Hi Dina,
I just got your box of goodies……….OH MY GOSH!!! They are AMAZING!!! I opened the box and offered the brownies and cookies to everyone in the office, keep in mind I’m the only vegan in the office so everyone was a bit reserved but they had the brownies and took the 2 business cards you gave me (please send more business cards along with brownies) lol
One co-work’s sister is vegan and thinks she’ll love your desserts.
Thank you so much….I’m going to have to order more brownies because they’re all gone J too bad you’re not a little closer my friend…….if you still have my credit card information could you mail me out 2 more packages of brownies
Thank you again Best Regards,
Kim B
People, you don't know what you are missing. These "sweets" are absolutely delicious and real food. You have to try them all. I recently order 3 packs and they lasted a few minutes...lol Oh, and the by the way, the owner Dina, is a doll !
Chris J.
Hi Dina!  We just moved to a new house so lots of stress involved.  I need me some yummy chunkie dunkies for comfort LOL.  Seriously though, I have waited so long to order more because when I received my last two orders I ate them like an obsession.  I couldn't stay out of them!  I am hoping I have better self control this time.  
Julie M.
Chunkie Dunkies are the most fantastic treats that taste delicious and meet my high standards of food quality and nutrition.  Although I give them to my son, I really buy them for myself.  As a green-smoothie, kale-loving woman, with 12 years of pure nutrition experience, including sampling many, many brands of raw vegan cookies, I choose Chunkie Dunkies.  They are the best!
Beth M.

Hi DINA...I received your cookies...
I had a problem...lol, i wanted to eat them all.. THEY ARE SOOOOO DELICIOUS...
Kellie O.

Thank you for making available your awesome ,eco -friendly, healthy, kind yet decadent tasting treats. My friend gifted me some although I live in Philadelphia.
Najia B.

Since beginning my job in a functional medicine/age management office a year ago I learned that the reasons are multiple food allergies including both gluten and dairy (thanks to our extensive food allergy and toxin blood tests) I am a sweets fanatic so the switch didn't seem easy to me at all..... UNTIL I was introduced to Chunkie Dunkies! They really helped my transition to the correct diet for my body.

These little cookies and brownies are perfect for ANYONE: children, adults, vegans, non-vegans. It's so great to know that I can indulge in my favorite desserts with out having any guilt or feeling like I am cheating. Everyone who I have introduced them to feel the exact same way. I am a Chunkie Dunkie Junkie and proud! :)
Brittni R.
When I first had your cookies at a health fair in 2011 really loved them, but meeting you and seeing your commitment to delicious, high quality, healthy guiltless treats was most impressive. I'm not just a fan of your delectables, I am a fan of you. I wish more people brought the integrity in their products and their commitment to their customers as you do. May your success continue to grow beyond your vision.
Susan R.
Hi Dina,
These are so delicious and addicting! My favorite is the carrot cake! Usually I am a chocolate type of girl, but the carrot cake flavor is amazing! It is also really awesome that you sprout your own buckwheat. I starting doing that to make granola and I love it. :-)  I wish you the very best and hope to see chunkie dunkies grow immensely!
Take care,
Elena Hight

These cookies are amazing! I like them better than regular cookies and they are so much healthier. I like to eat one as a mid morning snack with a cup of tea. My two year old daughter likes them also. I only wish I could buy them in the Wellington whole foods. I'll keep asking them!
Jenna S.
I love your cookies and can't get enough of them! I have been eating them for about a year and my favorite is Chocolate Chip. My husband and I recently became vegan and its great being able to still eat these! Keep up the great work.
I was at Hippocrates and couldn't stay away from your chunkie dunkies. They are amazing. I'm a colon therapist in CA and my clients are going to fall in love with these treats. I'm going to keep you busy :-)

I'm amazed and I'll tell you why. I haven't had an appetite for the past month or so. I've NEVER EVER experienced that before - ever. I had no idea how frustrating it can be. I forget to eat (because nothing sounds appealing) and then start getting a headache later in the day, so I think, "I know the headache is hunger, but I don't want to eat." I've been making myself eat a lot of peanut butter and crackers, not satisfying at all but at least they make the headache go away. So here's the amazing thing about your cookies,. They are the only thing I've found that feel like real food after I eat them! It is really hard to explain. It's like I could eat an entire meal of anything else and feel full but only the Chunkie Dunkies make me feel like I've eaten real food. Well, Chunkie Dunkies and avocado. Not together.
Angie J.

Love your cookies!
Lauren K.
I sampled your cookies at Whole Foods and they are by far the finest, gourmet raw vegan delights I have experienced! My personal favorite was the chocolate chunk fudge brownies, it was an explosion of chocolate morsels in my mouth. The raw cacao seems to have made the difference for others I've had. Everyone who tried them LOVED them!!! There were amazing!!!
Jan F.

Hi Dina! I just got an order today of your amazing Chunkie Dunkies, and I've been transported to a much warmer place eating them! We first stumbled across your cookies at the green market in West Palm Beach, and it was love at first taste. We were sent them from Janet L., who knows my appreciation for healthy, delicious food!
Sara M.
I have been a guest at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach for years and last year I tried your cookies and loved them!
I live in New York and was not able to locate a store that sold them so I decided to order online.
Esther L.

My name is Vivian and I have been into eating healthy the last 8 years. Lord knows I have tried every treat, dessert and food, only to throw it out, and not feel fully satisfied.
This weekend we purchased your chocolate brownies, and truly my body was singing, as I inhaled your delicious treats. One of the key things to staying on a healthy path, is loving the foods and having that sense of not being deprived.
Thank you for your talent and wisdom in making these delicious treats. Your mom was right :).
God Bless,

Hi Dina,
My Aunt who lives in Parkland, Florida raved about your chocolate chip raw cookies to me yesterday so I just knew I had to try some for myself.
When I got off the phone with her, I tried looking for them at Amazon, Vitacost, and other Natural Food websites (even the Tunies website) but I couldn't find them.
I then found your website, and saw you only sell your cookies in South Florida.  But, luckily, you have online ordering so I can still get to try them even though I'm over 600 miles away from your nearest retailer! :)
Thanks Again!
Hi Dina,
I visited a friend last month who lives in West Palm.  We bought some of your products at a farmer's market and loved them!  She is now visiting me in Chicago and we got to talking about them and I got the urge to order!
Thanks again!

These cookies are bad ass!

Hi Dina, I love your products!! I eat organic and raw foods 90% of the time, and I am always in search of new "healthy raw treats" - and Chunkie Dunkies Cookies are now my FAVORITE!!! They are THE BEST!! I must also express my gratitude for your two NEW FLAVORS, the Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownie and Almond Carob Chip, DELICIOUS!! I called you the SAME DAY my order arrived to place another order for the Brownies, they were so good!! Thanks for offering RAW VEGAN products which are great tasting and made with whole ingredients. Keep up the great work and thanks for all of your passion.
Catherine W.
Good God Girl what a yummy treat the sugar free lemon cremes are!
So funny it was..I left the house, got in the car and then while I was driving I took a bite and you would've thought I totally forgot I ordered sumthin with the word lemon in it, I forgot how awesome lemon tasted in this way :) oh how long it's been, my belly thanks you..
I passed on the almond carob crunch to my girlfriend and her 19yr old daughter to try and they loved them (and i just had to try one too and they were delish, of course) haven't tried the almond cremes yet can't wait!
.....Donna :D

Family vacation at the breakers. They're awesome!
Rachel P.

Hi, I LOOOVVVEEE your sugar free chunkie dunkie cookies!!!!!  I usually buy them at tunies or benders or (sometimes the healthy way orders for me)..   
 Are there any other flavors of sugar free besides lemon creme (almond/cashew) that you sell??
Please let me know. I am cravvvviiinnngg!!  :)

Dear Dina, I absolutely love your treats!! They are amazing! My mom and I can't eat dairy, but who needs it if you can have these!! They are now my all time favorite cookies!!! Thanks for finally making a REALLY delicious raw, vegan, dairy free cookies that are the BEST I've ever had!!!!!
Hi Dina,
Received my first order of your cookies today and so far I love the Choc. Chip and the Oatmeal Raisin.  I think I have already eaten 3 cookies.  Are they 100 calories each?  YIKES…if yes, I will really need to set a limit…..
Hi Dina,
I met you at the green market a few seasons ago, and have been hooked on the chunkie dunkies ever since.  Thanks for the nutritional info.  I was trying to figure it out, i was close.  Glad they are lower carb than I thought.  That makes them a real nice treat!!
Have a Great Day!
You know I bought a lot of those cookies (the ones with almond and lemon) and we would all share after a meal, half a cookie each. We were in HEAVEN. I had the ingredients written down somewhere and was going to try to make some, but I am not good in the kitchen, especially without quantities. But after I published to everyone at Hippocrates about how good they were, I had a hard time getting them....they sold out as soon as they came in!!! Keep up the good work Dina...you have a good thing going.
Glora Jean

Hi Dina,
I was in West Palm in December and stumbled upon your booth at the Green Market. I grabbed a business card so that I could order them online since I live in VA. Your cookies are delicious!!

I purchased your chocolate mint cookies at Joseph's in Royal Palm Beach. These cookies were marvelous. I could not stop eating. Which is bad for me and good for you. :) My question, I need to know the nurtional information.
Thanks very much.
Hi Dina!  It was a pleasure to meet you.  And, you have a wonderful cookie!  I guess my favorites are the lemon, almond crunch, choc chip mint but, honestly, I liked them all!  They are the best little raw cookies I have ever eaten!
The very best to you in your endeavors.  I believe God will just bless your socks off with this product.  I know He blessed me on Saturday when I met you.  Thank you.
Connie Burke
Hi Dina - I was on a mission today to buy Chunkie Dunkies, but unfortunately Joseph's Classic Market was out. How dare they!! :)
I was so hoping to stock up again.
I need my nutrients and fiber in a yummy disguise. I can't wait until Whole Foods starts carrying them.
I'll be on a mission again this week to other locations. Wish me well!
Ashley (celiac)
Hi Dina,
Just wanted to say that I am obsessed with your cookies!! After trying just one, I have already looked up every location in my area that carries them just in case I have a "cookie emergency"! They are so delicious and nutritious at the same time! I can't wait to try ALL of the flavors :)
Laurie, West Palm Beach
What luck to come across Chunkie Dunkie cookies on a trip to West Palm!  I am always looking for a healthier option to satisfy my sweet tooth, but there is so much fake stuff out there.  These cookies are the real thing: super tasty, and made from a few *real* ingredients.  Nothing nasty or processed. Totally vegan.  I ordered a bunch to share with friends in NYC and am hoping they will be up here soon!
Looking forward,

Damn Dina, these Chunkie Dunkies are so good they can't be good for you! I got these to share with my wife, but it's going to be a struggle to have any left by the time I get home!
Rob R.

Dear Dina,
I have a background in alternative healing and raised both my children holistically more than twenty years ago when that was no easy task.

I am very familiar with eating raw but I have never experienced anything as satisfying as your cookies. I am totally hooked. My daughter, who is an attorney in Los Angeles tasted them last weekend and now she is hooked too.
Thank you so much for your wonderful accomplishment.
Judy Hartman

Hi there! My name is Austin and I am 22 years old. I recently heard about you and tried your cookies. They are incredible, the flavors and the texture are scrumptious. I as well am a raw foodist who experiments with recipes of all kinds and have found my passion in raw culinary food prep. Thank you for spreading healthy knowledge through your cookies,
Austin M.
My name is Elizabeth I have been eating organic raw foods for many years. I was always in search for a good desert . I tried many different brands before. None of them can be compared to Chunkie Dunkies.
Chunkie Dunkies not only have healthy raw ingredients but they are delicious and beautiful.
You never will feel guilty eating such a desert.
Dear Dina,
I wish words could express how grateful I am for your delicious and healthy treats.  My youngest son, Joey, is a very picky eater.  His diet mostly consists of crackers, rice cakes and turkey bacon.  My husband and I have been struggling to get him to eat some new foods especially since we are changing our diet to raw foods.  I was recently introduced to your chunkie dunkies and after taking a bite, I immediately ran out and bought them.  My son Joey absolutely LOVES them!  I have never seen my son enjoy a snack so much.  Also my 7 year old daughter has very many food allergies and can not have any dairy/lactose, well she too adores your chunkie dunkies!  Thank you for being innovative in your prodcuts and offering us parents healthy alternatives for our children.  Not only does my family have a new favorite dessert but we also are developing a new love for raw and vegan eating.
Lisa B.
A Very Satisfied Customer

Hello again Adorable girl....   Wow, they are Fantastic !!
It's Dina's Cookies a cup of Organic coffee  or  bust .......lol
See you on the next round  : )
your cookies are so yummy!!! are you at the Gardens Green market every Sunday???
Loved the oatmeal cookies as well as the others. Thanks again for a great cookie!
I tried the Carrot Cake and thought I had found taste bud heaven! As a gluten intolerant, processed food intolerant woman it is hard to find a tasty dessert. I purchased at Nutrition Smart and I hope to see more of your products there. I look forward to tasting the other selections.
Karri McConnell
Your cookies are a huge hit up here.
People who run at the label 'raw and vegan' are begging me to get more!
I'll place another order soon - but hope to see you in stores up here in  NY/CT!!
Anna S.
Hi Dina
One word - WOW!
I'm so glad I met you this afternoon at the deli. Your Chocolate Chip Mint cookies are awesome! Reluctantly, I did share and now you have two new Chunkie Dunkie Cookie Monsters.... Thanks for creating such a delicious desert minus the un-healthy stuff. Kudos!
Hi Dina,
I LOVE your Vegan cookies and I am not even a Vegan. However, I do care about healthy foods and am always looking for something that will tame my sweet tooth and be satisfying at the same time. These are the best tasting and most satisfying healthy raw cookies I have ever eaten. I have found a little treasure that only packs 100 calories and great satisfaction. I can't wait to try ALL of your flavors ...Thanks for such a quality product!!!
Marque Lovas

The cookies are great and I don't like healthy crap usually.
All in all AWESOME!
Chip Hoysa

Chunkie Dunkies
VegNews Staff Pick:

This is a brand new cookie line from West Palm Beach, Fla. They have several delicious-looking flavors, we have Chocolate Chip Mint, Carrot Cake, and Oatmeal Raisin. Some of the VN staffers may have already sneaked a taste, and have given a two thumbs up. If you're looking for a sweet treat, then check them out now!
VegNews Magazine
Chunkie Dunkies arrived in Canada and they are AWESOME!!! Truly delightful.....haven't tried all flavours ;) yet and it may take a while but the ones I've tried (they arrived Thursday ;), key lime, carrot cake and choc chip are absolutely fantastic.....big winner here, Dina!!!!
Sally Fulton
Hi Dina,
I just got them this Morning.. I tried one of each of them..  Had them for my Breakfast..
I absolutely Loved them.. There were Perfection..  A burst of flavor in each and every cookie...  They were moist and very satisfying..  You have winners here!!
JIllian D'Angelo
Hi Dina,
I got the cookies yesterday and tried each kind.
They are all very good - it is hard to decide which one is my favorite but
I think I would have to go with Key Lime Crunch because it is subtle but
delivers a tangy punch of lime at the same time.
I also liked the Oatmeal Raisin ones a lot.
Lou Roi
Hi Dina:)
It was really nice to meet you!!  I really enjoyed the cookie -it had great flavor and texture to it.  I love the nuttiness of the raw ingredients.
Hi Dina,
I just wanted to shoot you an email and first say that your cookies are absolutely delicious!!!!!  The almond butter cookie was unreal.
Lisa B.

The cookies are excellent!!  My personal favorites are the Key Lime and Carrot.  My wife also liked the carrot cake cookies.  That is really saying something because she eats fairly healthy but nothing out of the ordinary where I usually eat organic and drink raw milk on a daily basis.
John Becthel
Being a Vegan for over 25 years I've found it hard to find a healthy dessert or treat.
Even though in resent years it's been easier, I don't consider most Vegan desserts to be healthy, with process flour and granulated sugar.
But Dina you took it a step further. You made it your own and went out of your way to make it healthy, AND delicious!!
I know how passionate you are about what you are doing, and I'm very proud of you.
Keep the cookies coming.
Love Dad

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