October 12, 2017


Who doesn't LOVE the name Chunkie Dunkies?  So cute…  So fun…  and... puts a smile on everyone's face.  It certainly did for us when we first thought of it.   But now its time to add another look to our delicious company.  Introducing… Dina’s Organic Foods!   Dina’s Organic Foods are available in (3) three mouth watering flavors: Carrot Cake Bar, Mint Chocolate Bar and Pumpkin Walnut Bar.
We took the recipes that you love with Chunkie Dunkies and made them even better!   We added freshly pressed carrot juice, tweaked our spices and EVERYTHING is now 100% Certified Organic!

When you taste one of Dina’s Bars be prepared for a whole new experience.  Because of the combination of pure ingredients in just the right amounts you will want to savor every bite!
For the Carrot Cake fans… there is a beautiful crunch on the outside with just enough moisture on the inside.  The taste of crisp walnuts, juicy carrots, autumn spices and the perfect amount of pure maple syrup will immediately relax your mind and have your taste buds dancing.  If you are a Chocolate and Mint lover like myself you now have a new BFF.   This guilt free bar is crunchy, chocolatey and minty inside and out.  With a nutrient dense base of sprouted buckwheat groats, raw almonds and coconut you’ll be amazed how it satisfies your cravings.  Lastly our Pumpkin Walnut Bar is moist all around, full of fresh pumpkin.  Including raw walnuts, maple syrup and heavenly spices this will become your breakfast bar.  Get your fiber needs for the day in one bar.  It works instantly!

Its time to grab a cup of tea, your favorite book and escape with any one of these gourmet flavors.  Sold online at and in stores November 2017.

Dina Lauro founded Chunkie Dunkies in 2011.  After graduating Chef School at The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan she desired a deeper education in Nutrition.  She enrolled in the Hippocrates Health Educator Program in West Palm Beach and received the knowledge she sought after and developed her own line of Healthy Desserts and Snacks.  Her foods are Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Paleo and 100% Fresh.  Can be shipped anywhere in the US.

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